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With a comprehensive portfolio of smart sensors, cloud software, and even staff training, WIKA is a leader in partnering with companies to take their applications to the next level: Industry 4.0.

WIKA is known worldwide for quality instruments that measure pressure, temperature, level, force, and flow. Now get to know us for our suite of end-to-end industrial IoT solutions.

With IIoT Comes Opportunities, Challenges

Manual processes have served industries well for many decades – and they still do. But to compete in today’s market, companies must also capitalize on intelligent technologies. This digital transformation includes integrating smart devices that:

And by making manufacturing facilities more efficient, industrial IoT also helps businesses become more environmentally responsible.

For companies just starting to consider the digital transformation of their applications, the process can seem daunting. That’s why WIKA has added IIoT solutions to our product offerings and services.

Discover WIKA’s IIoT Solutions

For more than 75 years, WIKA has been a leader in providing accurate, reliable measurement technologies for industrial and process companies. Today, we continue that proud tradition with a broad portfolio of intelligent products that not only measure value, but add value by interpreting real-time data and automating asset control – all with highly secure end-to-end transmission. This video offers a highlight of WIKA’s suite of IIoT solutions.

Whether you are retrofitting a plant with intelligent sensors or planning a new facility, partner with WIKA USA for cutting-edge sensing technology and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.


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