The MH-4 pressure sensor can easily and reliably handle off-road machinery’s toughest challenges, all without the worries of maintenance or loss of accuracy throughout its extended life cycle.

WIKA regularly collaborates with OEM customers when improving our measurement portfolio. They give our engineers a wish list of the features they’d like to see in future models, and we rise to the challenge. This is how our pressure specialists came up with the MH-4, the fourth generation of our rugged pressure sensor for off-road vehicles.

Excellent Stability and Worry-free Performance

Mobile machinery operate in some of the harshest and most isolated locations in the world, from frozen tundras to remote deserts. Some of the equipment even run non-stop. Therefore, the sensors that power the machines must be up to the challenge.


The MH-4’s proven metal thin-film technology provides:

  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Excellent temperature behavior and resistance to thermal cycling
  • High resistance against shock and vibration
  • Excellent performance in highly dynamic pressure systems
  • High overpressure safety and burst pressures

Other outstanding features of the MH-4:

  • Next-generation ASIC electronics that exhibit exceptionally low signal noise behavior
  • Superior temperature stability and accuracy performance over complete measuring range
  • On-board diagnostics that constantly monitor the health of the sensor and report errors to the controller via predefined signal levels
  • Application-specific signal conditioning that can modify the way the controller receives the signal, for smoother and more efficient machine operation
  • Easy integration into almost any machine platform and manufacturing process through a wide variety of configurations

Rigorous Testing and Quality Production

How do we know that the MH-4 will perform reliably and accurately under extreme conditions? We have subjected this pressure sensor to a complete array of simulated conditions and field tests that exceed traditional requirements for OEM products.

The manufacturing process is equally rigorous. Each step of the MH-4’s lean production cycle is 100% monitored, and every sensor is tested repeatedly before it is packaged and shipped. As production is fully automated, WIKA’s facilities can fulfill very large orders with short turnaround times.

Pressure Sensor Adapted to Your Application

With feedback from our OEM customers, WIKA engineers have designed the MH-4 with a wide selection of standard options:

  • 6 output signal types
  • 8 pressure ranges up to 1,000 bar
  • 13 process connection types
  • 20 electrical connection types

If none of these configurations meet the needs of your particular application, our pressure specialists can create a special type to meet your specifications.

WIKA USA, Part of Your OEM Business

The MH-4 incorporates technology innovations, advanced materials, lean production processes, and strict quality control. It is our most rugged mobile machine pressure sensor to date, and we are confident that it will meet or exceed your requirements. Contact us to make WIKA USA part of your business.

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