Critical applications require the high level of measurement accuracy that is available only from precision industrial pressure transmitters like WIKA’s P-30. A compact, robust design gives this pressure sensor even greater versatility.

Test benches, laboratories, calibration technology, electronic systems, machine building and automation – these and other high-precision applications have exacting standards for pressure measurement accuracy. What’s more, there is often not a whole lot of space in these systems.

To meet those requirements, WIKA has built a small but mighty precision industrial pressure transmitter (also called a pressure transducer).

Pressure Transducer for Reliable Accuracy


The WIKA P-30 electronic pressure sensor offers precise and fast measurements for critical applications. Our specialists engineered this line of versatile pressure transducers to meet the exacting design demands of industrial/OEM applications and integrated electronic systems.

During the development of the P-30 pressure transmitter, we evaluated the requirements for test bench technology in the automotive industry. Data analysis plays an important role in test benches for optimizing power train performance. Thus, pressure instruments must meet high demands for accuracy and measuring rate.

P-30 electronic pressure sensor features

This pressure transducer with all stainless steel construction is extremely accurate, thanks to active temperature compensation, and comes loaded with features:

  • Standard ≤ ±0.1% accuracy with an option for ≤ ±0.05% accuracy
  • Non-linearity of ≤ ±0.04% of span (BFSL)
  • Measures relative pressure (gauge pressure), absolute pressure, and vacuum
  • Relative pressure measuring range from 0…5 psi to 0…10,000 psi (0…0.25 bar to 0…1,000 bar)
  • 1 kHz measuring rate for fast data acquisition
  • Withstands ambient and media temperatures from −4°F to 221°F (−20°C to 105°C)
  • Ingress protection from IP65 to IP67, depending on the electrical connection
  • 10 g vibration resistance
  • Passes the freefall test from a height of more than 3 feet (1 meter)
  • Service life of 10 million load cycles
  • Comes standard with an accuracy test report with the option for approvals and certificates

Behind the active temperature compensation is an advanced system of internal temperature measurements and microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing. This means that from 50°F to 140°F (10°C to 60°C), there are no additional temperature errors. The advanced digital processing circuitry also provides a measuring rate of up to 1 ms.

What’s more, the body (minus the connections) is only about 3 inches (76mm) long, making it at least 30% smaller than comparable electronic pressure sensors. The compact size means that the P-30 can be easily integrated into standard 19-inch test racks or cabinets with limited space.

Pressure Sensor with Exceptional Versatility

Thanks to a variety of connections and outputs, WIKA engineers made sure that the P-30 can be incorporated into almost any application or system.

Electrical connections

  • Circular: 4-pin M12 x 1, 5-pin M12 x 1 (CANopen), 5-pin M16 x 0.75
  • Angular
  • Bayonet
  • Cable outlet: 2-wire with customer-specified cable lengths

Process connections

  • G: ¼ B, ¼ female, ½ B, ¼ A
  • NPT: ¼ and ½
  • Sealings on the following thread sizes: G ¼ B, G ½ B, G ¼ A
  • Other configurations available

For slurries or crystallizing media that can clog standard process connections, we offer a model with a flush diaphragm (P-31).

Output signals

  • Analog: 2- and 3-wire current, 3-wire voltage
  • CANopen
  • USB

The internal USB interface is a powerful tool for calibration and adjustments. Simply use the WIKA configuration software EasyCom to quickly and easily modify the pressure transmitter onsite, including zero and span point adjustments. With our data logger software, the USB version can also save measured values and create customized reports.

WIKA USA, Your Partner for Precision Industrial Pressure Transducers

Integrated electronics systems, whether for test benches or predictive maintenance, call for extremely accurate pressure sensors that you can count on. The P-30 is a compact pressure transmitter designed to work seamlessly and reliably in a wide variety of high-tech applications. Contact our electronic pressure specialists if you would like more information or customized advice for your specific application.

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