Pressure measuring instrument help industrial HVAC/R systems operate more safely and efficiently. Robust and compact, WIKA’s R-1 pressure transmitter is specifically designed for a broad range of refrigeration and HVAC applications.

The world continues to warm, and the food supply chain is ever more global. What this means is that industrial HVACand refrigeration will become an even larger part of our daily lives. At the same time, ventilation and air handling units consume the most energy in homes, offices, and businesses – more than running the lights, computers, or appliances. For a greener planet, we need to ensure that HVAC/R units operate as efficiently as possible. 

Industrial HVAC/R and Efficiency

Modern air conditioning is based on the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, which uses phase changes in a refrigerant to capture heat and transfer it elsewhere. The type of refrigerant depends on the application. Ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbons used to be the most popular refrigerants for many years. Today, natural refrigerants – air, water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons (propane, isobutane, etc.) – have taken the place of HCFCs.

Another way to protect the planet is with efficiency requirements for commercial and residential HVAC/R units. One way to meet performance standards is with better system monitoring and control.

Measurement Solutions for Safer, More Efficient Air Handling

In HVAC/R units, refrigerant flows through a series of coils, changing from a liquid state (low pressure and low temperature) to a gaseous state (high pressure and high temperature) and back again. As such, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature, pressure, and flow at several points in the entire system.

For example, on the hermetically sealed suction line, a pressure transmitter helps ensure that no liquid refrigerant flows back into the compressor and damages it. On the discharge line, a pressure transmitter monitors the amount being produced. A pressure measuring device also can detect refrigerant leaks.

Pressure Transmitter for HVAC/R Applications

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Model R-1 pressure transmitter with circular connector, Metre-Pack series 150, and cable outlet

WIKA has designed a pressure transmitter specifically for the demands of industrial air handling and refrigeration units. With thin-film technology, the R-1 is a compact pressure transmitter with excellent stability and reliability over its long service life. It is ideal for the compressors, condenser fan controls, and chillers found in supermarket freezers, hospital and hotel HVAC systems, water coolers, and more.

The R-1’s monolithic construction eliminates the need for any sealing between the sensor and the housing, which could lead to leaks over time. Ingress protection ranges from IP67 to IP69K, depending on the type of electrical connection – all of which are made of highly resistant glass-fiber reinforced PBT G30 to ensure longer life. The transmitter’s sensors, process connections, and case are crafted from stainless steel. In addition, the unique case design offers exceptional protection against condensation, and the transmitter can withstand all standard industrial refrigerants.

What’s more, we have a very flexible production line in place for the R-1, allowing us to offer competitive pricing for larger quantities. We can even stamp these pressure transmitters with your company’s logo and text.

WIKA, Your Partner in Industrial HVAC and Refrigeration

For decades, the HVAC and refrigeration experts at WIKA USA have offered personalized solutions for our customers’ industrial applications. In addition to pressure sensors and transmitters, our comprehensive portfolio of instruments includes products for measuring temperature, airflow, differential pressure, and level. Contact us for more information about the R-1 and other high-quality instruments that can help your HVAC/R systems operate more safely and efficiently.
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