WIKA’s temperature transmitter programming units allow quick and easy configuration of temperature measuring instruments that use our internal protocol. The PU-448 and PU-548 are backwards compatible, which means customers avoid unnecessary replacements when they update their transmitter and/or software.

In today’s competitive markets, upgrading processes and instrumentation is a must. However, using the latest generation of hardware or software can come with a few headaches. (If you’ve ever lost the use of favorite apps after installing a new OS or buying a new phone, you know this to be true!)

With certain industrial devices, users have to replace several elements with every component change. That’s not the case with WIKA’s temperature transmitter programming units.

What Are Digital Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters provide a low-current output signal that can be sent over long distances. These devices are widely used for temperature measurement and monitoring in several industries, including refineries and petrochemical plants. They are popular because:

  • They don’t require additional power to function.
  • The output signal is immune to ambient electrical noise.
  • The output signal degrades very little with distance.

WIKA manufactures a variety of digital temperature transmitters and thermometers with integrated transmitters.

What Programming Units Do

Temperature Transmitter Programming Unit

Model PU-548 programming unit for temperature transmitters and resistance thermometers

For temperature transmitters that use the WIKAsoft-TT software, the PU-548 programming unitfor temperature transmitters and resistance thermometers allows operators to easily configure sensor type, temperature range, input tag information, and other parameters. The PU-548 also checks the connection from the programming unit to the PC and to the transmitter for each contact, and gives a clear status/diagnostic. Thus, faulty connections can be detected immediately.

The configuration procedure is easy and user friendly. There is no need to install a new driver, as the standard ones from Windows work just fine. Power for the programming unit or the transmitter come directly from the USB port, making setup even simpler.

WIKA Believes in Effortless Updates

We have designed our temperature transmitter programming units to be backwards compatible. What this means is that you can continue to use the same PU-448 unit– or the new PU-558 – even after switching to a different transmitter or updating the software. What’s more, the faster PU-548 with extended range of functions is a fully compatible replacement for the PU-448, allowing users to upgrade programming units without having to change the transmitter or software.

At WIKA, our goal is to constantly improve our portfolio of measuring instruments while minimizing disruptions to customers and end users. Contact us with any questions about temperature transmitter programming units, software, and system compatibility.

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