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People, machinery, and products are best if they’re kept within a certain temperature range. Too much heat is especially a concern for equipment and perishables. That’s why ambient temperature monitoring should be high on an industrial plant’s to-do list.

When people get too hot, they can simply turn up the air conditioning or head to a cooler place. Stationary, inanimate objects can’t do that. Computers, machinery, control systems, raw materials, finished products – all these and more, whether they’re outdoors or indoors, depend on their environment to be kept within a specific temperature range.

In industrial facilities, ambient temperature monitoring is necessary to prevent an array of suboptimal conditions and dangers.

  • Petrochemical and refining facilities: overheating of the control hardware
  • High voltage power equipment: failures and fires in circuit breakers, thyristors, and junction boxes
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants: overheating of variable frequency drivers (VFDs) in pumps
  • Food & beverage and pharmaceuticals: deterioration of raw ingredients and finished products

Thermometers for Ambient Temperature Monitoring

WIKA is a global leader in manufacturing dependable, robust industrial thermometers for both indoor and outdoor use. Models TF41 and TR60 are especially suitable for ambient temperature monitoring.

Model TF41

Thermometer for ambient temperature monitoring

Model TF41 indoor/outdoor thermometer with an external probe sleeve and UV-resistant clip-on cover

WIKA’s TF41 is called an outdoor thermometer because it is designed to withstand the elements, but it is also commonly found indoors. In the standard model, the sensing element is integrated in an extremely small case – measuring only 33mm x 44mm (1.3″ x 1.73″) – made of PA66 GK30 plastic to protect it from UV rays, dust, and water. The compact size is ideal for unobtrusive mounting and tight spaces.

For faster response time, the TF41 can be fitted with an external stainless steel probe sleeve. An optional clip-on cover, made of the same UV-resistant plastic as the case, provides further protection against direct sunlight.

Two types of temperature sensors offer measurements in a medium temperature range:

  • RTD with Pt100 or PT1000 sensor: −40 to +100°C (−40 to +212°F)
  • NTC 5k or 10k sensor:−30 to +100°C (−22 to + 212°F)

When used indoors, the TF41 is an excellent choice for accurate ambient temperature monitoring in cold rooms and production/storage facilities.

Model TR60

Indoor/outdoor industrial thermometer

Model TR60 indoor/outdoor resistance thermometer

WIKA’s model TR60 resistance thermometer features a closed sensor tube inside an impact-resistant plastic case that’s ideal for damp rooms and outdoor areas. In the indoor version for dry rooms, the tube around the sensing element is perforated to allow the Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor to come into direct contact with the ambient air. The result is a much faster response time.

This resistance thermometer can be fitted with an analog or digital transmitter, which considerably expands the range of applications where it can be used. In addition, explosion protection is an option for the outdoor version. The temperature range for both models goes from −40 to +80°C (−40 to +176°F).

Protect your valuable equipment, materials, and inventory with ambient temperature monitoring. For customized advice as to which thermometer to use in your indoor or outdoor application, and what certifications and approvals we offer, contact the temperature measurement expert at WIKA USA.

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