Corporate Core Value Award

Each month, WIKA USA recognizes employees who exemplify one of the company’s seven core values. The peer-nominated award is presented to employees who go above and beyond in their roles, all while upholding WIKA’s commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, partnership, safety, continuous improvement, social responsibility, and excellence.

Established when WIKA was founded in 1946, core values are the standards by which WIKA measures itself and its employees. Thanks to employees’ commitment to these corporate values, WIKA has become a worldwide leader in industrial measurement technology. The company would not be where it is today without this dedication from within.

Employees who do more than expected are vital to WIKA’s overall mission of helping customers succeed through superior instrumentation solutions. This is why WIKA USA began the monthly Core Value Award program almost 20 years ago – to acknowledge employees for their hard work and dedication.

Corporate Core Values are Keys to Company Success

A peer-nominated program, Core Value Awards give employees a special way to thank their colleagues for doing extraordinary work. Recipients are recognized for making a positive impact on WIKA’s continued success. Each nominee is chosen for exemplifying one of seven core values:

  • Integrity: Promoting ethical business practices
  • Customer Satisfaction: Creating positive customer experiences
  • Partnership: Encouraging collaboration in the workplace
  • Safety: Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Continuous Improvement: Improving WIKA policies and processes
  • Social Responsibility: Improving the community and the world at large
  • Excellence: Exceeding expectations in work that directly impacts company success

Each month a committee composed of senior managers chooses the winners, who receive a plaque, monetary award, and a designated parking spot at the main WIKA USA campus in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

April 2019 Corporate Core Value Award Winners

The following employees were selected for exemplifying one of WIKA USA’s corporate core values:

Photo above: David Breedlove with coworkers

David Breedlove, Information Technology, Pressure Division | Recognized for Excellence

Evan Jones nominates David in order to acknowledge his many contributions to WIKA. “He always helps me whenever I have a request,” Even writes. “He puts in work on the weekends to help out the organization, and I don’t think he gets recognized enough. He stops by my desk weekly to give me updates on things that pertain to my area of responsibility, and he’s so quick to respond to emails. Even the first day of April, he had his out-of-office message alert up from an email I sent him. He was in a workshop all week but quickly emailed me back to let me know he would help look into an issue I mentioned to him.”

Alexander (Lex) Moseley, Planning, Pressure Division | Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

Corporate Core Value Award

Lex Moseley with coworkers

In his nomination of Lex, Hardy Orzikowski writes, “One of the lines Lex is handling is the 712.15 Cryo Gauge. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for our customers to call with an urgent need for a Cryo Gauge in order to ship a large tank on time to their customers. In this particular case, the customer was WIKA. We urgently needed three of these very complex gauges to exchange for a competitor’s gauges at an industrial gas specialist’s trainings facility, and then to conduct a training on these gauges for a dozen field technicians. When I asked Lex for his help to get these gauges done, he did not hesitate. He expedited the parts and continously followed up with the warehouse and the line. He went above and beyond to make sure we were able to finish this job on time. Lex, I really appreciated all your help with this job.” Lex was previously recognized in August 2018, also for Customer Satisfaction. 

Lorena Tavira, Manufacturing, Pressure Division | Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

Corporate Core Value Award

Lorena Tavira with coworkers

Hardy also nominated Lorena for her professionalism and can-do attitude with regard to the urgent need for Cryo Gauges. “WIKA had the opportunity to replace a competitor’s gauges on tanks at an industrial gas specialist’s training facility and to conduct a product training on these gauges in front of a dozen field technicians. We received this invitation on a very short notice and needed to build three units of these very complex Cryo Gauges in order to ship them to the site on time for the training. Lorena took full ownership of this job. She not only did an excellent job, but she was also able to finish the gauges just in time to ship them out. The training was a great success, resulting in new business. All this would not have been possible without the help of a very dedicated team member. Thank you, Lorena, for all your help.”

Abriel (Abby) Vega, Purchasing, ETL Division | Recognized for Excellence

Corporate Core Value Award

Abby Vega with coworkers

Justin Williams and Kem Dean are grateful for Abby’s pivotal role in the AX project at WIKA ETL. “Abby was tasked with completing the item master for the project, which is a critical building block for the implementation. Without the completion of this task, the project cannot move forward. Abby worked extended hours, including time over the Easter weekend, to meet a key delivery milestone. This level of effort was not expected and not required, but has greatly assisted the project team. On behalf of the entire project team, we very proudly nominate Abby Vega for the core value award.”



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