July 2019 WIKA USA Core Values Award Winners

Each month, WIKA USA recognizes employees who exemplify one of the company’s seven core values. The peer-nominated award is presented to employees who go above and beyond in their roles, all while upholding WIKA’s commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, partnership, safety, continuous improvement, social responsibility, and excellence.

Established when WIKA was founded in 1946, core values are the standards by which WIKA measures itself and its employees. Thanks to employees’ commitment to these corporate values, WIKA has become a worldwide leader in industrial measurement technology. The company would not be where it is today without this dedication from within.

Employees who do more than expected are vital to WIKA’s overall mission of helping customers succeed through superior instrumentation solutions. This is why WIKA USA began the monthly Core Value Award program two decades ago – to acknowledge employees for their hard work and dedication.

Corporate Core Values are Keys to Company Success

A peer-nominated program, Core Value Awards give employees a special way to thank their colleagues for doing extraordinary work. Recipients are recognized for making a positive impact on WIKA’s continued success. Each nominee is chosen for exemplifying one of seven core values:

  • Integrity: Promoting ethical business practices
  • Customer Satisfaction: Creating positive customer experiences
  • Partnership: Encouraging collaboration in the workplace
  • Safety: Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Continuous Improvement: Improving WIKA policies and processes
  • Social Responsibility: Improving the community and the world at large
  • Excellence: Exceeding expectations in work that directly impacts company success

Each month a committee composed of senior managers chooses the winners, who receive a plaque, monetary award, and a designated parking spot at the main WIKA USA campus in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

July 2019 Corporate Core Value Award Winners

The following five employees were selected for exemplifying one of WIKA USA’s corporate core values:

Photo above: Tomas Flores with coworkers

Tomas Flores, Manufacturing, ETL Division | Recognized for Excellence 

George Gugich had a hard time deciding which WIKA core value to nominate Tomas for, as he recently exemplified so many! George writes, “Tomas really could be nominated for displaying customer satisfaction, integrity, and partnership, but I nominate him for Excellence due to his efforts in supervising the installation of a Flex-R® assembly for a client in Louisiana. Tomas’ primary job is in ETL’s Quality department, but he also serves as a field service supervisor whenever needed. And when the Field Service group had no one available for this rush installation, Tomas stepped up and volunteered for the three-day job! Excellent work by Tomas and all those involved with coordinating our internal efforts.”

July 2019 WIKA USA Core Values Award Winners

Karen Moscrip and coworkers

Karen Moscrip, Inside Sales, Pressure Gauge Division | Recognized for Partnership 

In his nomination, Anthony Corrao thanks Karen for being so willing to share her expertise and knowledge. “Karen has helped me since the day I was brought on in November,” he writes. “She has taught me about not only the industry, but also the new accounts that were handed over to me. She has always made herself available for the plethora of questions I had that comes with starting a new career. I am extremely grateful for her patience, knowledge, and work ethic, which have helped me get up to speed so quickly.”

Michael Kyle Thomas, Sales, Flow Division | Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

July 2019 WIKA USA Core Values Award Winners

Kyle Thomas (winner) and Jonathan Tanksley

Jonathan Tanksley is in awe of Kyle’s ability to communicate with customers. In his nomination, Jonathan writes, “Kyle and I started around the same time, and for several months he handled almost all the calls from customers upset about a certain issue. These customers are now coming back for more products, and the calls have all but gone away. In addition to the absence of complaints, we are now receiving praise from some of these very same people. Kyle’s determination and charismatic leadership have enabled the entire sales team to perform at a high level and to satisfy all customer expectations in the purchasing process. I would be hard pressed to find a better manager than Kyle. His vision and leadership will undoubtably help us reach our company goals.”

Rebecca Hopkin, General Administration, Pressure Gauge Division | Recognized for Partnership

July 2019 WIKA USA Core Values Award Winners

Felix Brockmeyer, Becky Hopkin (winner), and Steve ________

Hats off to Becky for stepping up and being the go-to person for an enormous international undertaking. Her nominator, Felix Brockmeyer, gives the background: “For the past three years, we have been in discussions with our French subsidiary and a key aerospace customer in France around a custom-developed pressure gauge. Even with having to deal with multiple languages, many WIKA sites, and an endless stream of legal documents, Becky had everything under control. During negotiations, she kept up with endless revisions and looked out for the best interest of WIKA and the customer. She has been the central contract coordinator in the last month, and had to take over after negotiations in France led to a very undefined arrangement. What’s more, we have not made it easy on her with our constant verbal revisions. And through it all, Becky remained calm and in control. She set us up for a multimillion-dollar contract over the next 20 years. She did an exceptional job and is instrumental to WIKA’s success.”

Wendy DeHoff, Customer Care, Pressure Gauge Division | Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

July 2019 WIKA USA Core Values Award Winners

Wendy DeHoff and coworkers

Tyler DeRock praises Wendy’s professionalism, patience, and communication skills when dealing with a customer who wasn’t always clear about the proper ordering procedures. “Wendy has taken the account and provided them a clear path and given them guidance on the products to order. Also, if there’s an error, she corrects it in a professional and efficient manner.” Wendy deserves all the credit for helping this customer, which ultimately helps WIKA as well!

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