WIKA Is a leading provider of fertilizer process instrumentation. Our comprehensive portfolio for the fertilizer industry includes a wide range of pressure gauges, temperature sensors, level switches, flow meters, and calibration solutions.

The fertilizer industry places extremely high demands on process instruments. Shift reactors and steam methane reformers use catalysts, high pressures, and extreme temperatures to convert minerals into chemical fertilizers. The environments are often aggressive, and the variety of acids and bases – especially the concentrated variants – are highly corrosive.

WIKA Instruments for Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency in Fertilizer Processes

Ammonia tank

WIKA is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of reliable measuring solutions. We offer electronic, mechatronic, and mechanical instruments for controlling temperature, pressure, level, and flow. Our products are used for general applications as well as in potentially explosive areas, and operate reliably in both aggressive and non-aggressive environments.

Hundreds of chemical fertilizer plants rely on WIKA measuring instruments for safety, reliability, and efficiency. We follow regional and international standards, such as PED for pressure and ATEX for equipment in explosive environments. Our instruments use high-quality stainless steels, exotic alloys, and various coating materials for operation in highly corrosive chemical processes.

Temperature instrumentation in fertilizer production

Temperature is a critical parameter in the ammonia fertilizer industry. Without an accurate temperature profile in the steam methane reformer, shift converter, or blast furnace, the process can be inefficient or unsafe.

WIKA offers a wide variety of temperature instruments for the chemical fertilizer industry.

Pressure instrumentation in fertilizer production

Steam methane reformers and shift reactors also use high pressure to convert feedstock to ammonia and other end products. WIKA is a leading provider of pressure instruments for all stages of fertilizer production – cost-efficient solutions that will not compromise quality or safety.

With extreme and fluctuating temperatures, aggressive and corrosive media, and crystallization, fertilizer synthesis is harsh on even the toughest pressure gauges. Made of highly durable yet flexible alloys, diaphragm seals serve as buffers that protect instruments from the process. They connect to the gauge or other pressure instrument one of three ways, directly, via a cooling element, or via capillary lines. To increase tamper resistance and to reduce potential leak points, diaphragm seals are seamlessly incorporate in an all-welded system (AWS) design.

Level and flow instrumentation in fertilizer production

Whether air or acids, natural gas or liquid compounds, fertilizer processes need to measure and control a wide range of fluid media. WIKA has several options for level indication and level switching (both float and optoelectric), as well as numerous primary flow elements, an electronic flow switch, and differential flow solutions.

Customized solutions and comprehensive services for the fertilizer industry

Different fertilizer plants have specific applications and unique process conditions. If you are unsure whether the process instruments or accessories in our catalog will meet your particular requirements, consult our chemical market specialists for assistance in product selection or a customized solution.

WIKA is more than an instrument manufacturer. Contact us also for a variety of technical, repair, and field service support, as well as ISO 17025 accredited calibration services. WIKA USA is part of your business – a trusted partner in the fertilizer industry.

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