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Alexander Hein, an SF6 gas expert in the T&D industry, presents the features and functionalities of the portable GA11 gas analyzer for insulating gases.

With its high dielectric strength, sulfur hexafluoride is an excellent insulating gas for switchgear and circuit breakers. But SF6 is most effective when it is pure. Byproducts and moisture in the gas diminish its arc-quenching abilities and can result in safety issues.

To ensure that switchgears and other equipment are adequately protected, grid operators periodically analyze the gas to measure its purity and humidity level. And if the gas in the compartment needs to be cleaned or dehydrated, they can then hook up the equipment to a SF6 gas handling cart or gas dehydration system.

Alexander Hein, head of the Product Management Team at WEgrid Solutions, a WIKA subsidiary, demonstrates how easy it is to operate the GA11, a powerful yet portable gas analyzer. Watch this video, filmed at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D trade show in New Orleans, for an overview of the GA11’s numerous user-friendly features for analyzing the quality of not only SF6, but also N2, AirPlus, g3, and other alternative insulating gases.

WIKA USA and WEgrid Solutions are your trusted partners in the T&D industry. Contact us for more information about the GA11 gas analyzer and other high-quality SF6 gas solutions.

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